Alabama Code § 1-3-1 states:
The common law of England, so far as it is not inconsistent with the Constitution, laws and institutions of this state, shall, together with such institutions and laws, be the rule of decisions, and shall continue in force, except as from time to time it may be altered or repealed by the Legislature

State v. Taylor, 415 So. 2d 1043 - Ala: Supreme Court 1982 states:
In Alabama Clay Products v. Mathews, 220 Ala. 549, 126 So. 869 (1930), this Court quoted with approval the following from 45 C.J. at page 381: "`Where it is not done for a fraudulent purpose and in the absence of statutory restriction, one may lawfully change his name without resort to legal proceedings, and for all purposes the name thus assumed will constitute his legal name just as much as if he had borne it from birth.'"