Georgia Attorney General Opinion No. 75-49 provides:
“any statute of this state which requires a person to supply his 'legal name' requires a married woman to state her husband's last name as her own.” 1975 Op. Att'y Gen. 75-49. The Attorney General also stated that the statutory proceeding for changing a person's legal name “is not the exclusive mechanism by which a person's legal name can be changed. At common law a person could change his legal name at will through usage of a new name. . . . A married woman may also change her legal name by usage.” SSA PR 02720.012 Georgia

Georgia Attorney General opinion 74-33 holding legal name of married woman is her name followed by name of her husband superceded by 75-49 holding all persons, including married women, may change names by usage, and without court decree, for all purposes, including issuance of drivers license

O.C.G.A. § 1-1-10 provides:
(c) The following specific laws and parts of laws are not repealed by the adoption of this Code and shall remain of full force and effect, pursuant to their terms, until otherwise repealed, amended, superseded, or declared invalid or unconstitutional:
(1) An Act for reviving and enforcing certain laws therein mentioned and adopting the common laws of England as they existed on May 14, 1776, approved February 25, 1784. (For the adopting Act of 1784, see Prince's 1822 Digest, p. 570; Cobb's 1851 Digest, p. 721; and Code of 1863, Section 1, paragraph 6.)