Click here for long history explaining Common Law of England still in effect in Tenn. - "The Common Law in Tennessee by Daniel Lewis"

IN RE PETITION FOR CHANGE OF NAME GRANNIS, Tenn: Court of Appeals 2004 provides: In Tennessee (as in most other states), a person may change his or her name at will without court action by simply adopting and using a new name, "as long as the change does not interfere with another's rights and is not being made for fraudulent purposes." In re Lackey, No. 01-A-01-9010-PB00358, 1991 WL 45394 (Tenn. Ct. App., April 5, 1991) (no Tenn. R. App. P. 11 application filed), citing Dunn v. Palermo, 522 S.W.2d 679, 682 (Tenn. 1975).